Smallest self contained rig

I live in an area in socal where electricity costs are sky high, lowest tier is $0.27 I’m tier 3 already seeing $200-$300 a month power bill in summer. Wondering if there is a small self contained rig I could set up at work without anyone noticing. We have fast wifi and both power and wifi would be free for me. Something not noticable under a desk with a bunch of wires and some other power supplies already.

Let me see if I have this straight. Your solution to high power costs is to steal it from somebody else. The somebody else you chose is your employer. The offending device will sit under your desk so they will know exactly who is responsible when discovered. Solid plan.

I would recommend an Antminer S19 Pro. They are very discrete since they are small and produce almost no noise or heat. You have to put your ear right up to it to even tell if it is running. Good luck!

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I would suggest a s17 pro.

Your company’s IT department may sniff out your internet connection due to the ports it opens. Traffic isn’t that high, but if Windows can view your mining program as a virus, so can your IT dept. Since most ethernet port DHCP or Static, are fed from managed switches, they will know exactly which jack you are plugged into. You’ll be found out. It could cost you your job. By the same reasoning why don’t you just use the company mainframe to mine with. It is powerful and fast. Many Russians have done this. And they were found out! Not worth it.

Sounds like something that may get you fired. Permission aside. This is something that I’ve wanted to build. Vosk has some great video’s on what he calls a ‘trio’. These could be put into a fairly small box.

There’s also something by another guy had a similar idea called a clodbox.

I hope the s17pro idea was a joke. that’ll be like running 25 hairdryers under your desk.