Smoother Mysterium Node Set Up

I decided to get into the new shil… (sponsor) lol on the newest VoskCoin vid, to avoid butt pain and time waste keep up with these resources.

  1. Download this: Manual installation steps for older versions of WSL | Microsoft Learn

  2. Install both the mysterium node and docker programs, make sure the docker and mysterium node are up and running, below you can check resources to get the docker up and running hopefully (from my experience), after installing the mysterium node launcher go to the Node tab and select the back end to Docker, after both programs are running follow the steps on the mysterium download page and input the commands into the docker.

  3. Watch this video it shows the basics: How To Start Mining Mysterium On Any Computer | MystNodes Mysterium Node Set Up Guide Step By Step - YouTube

  4. It takes time for everything to sync up on the mysterium site, open the “Node UI” on your mysterium node program after you’re done with setting up everything including docker etc and see at the top if it says “online”, if so then you’re most likely fine it took me around 10-30 mins to sync up and for my node to show up as “online” on the mysterium site.

Bonus tip: Restarting your machine after installing each program/files is recommended

Bob’s your uncle sub to vosk.


I fell asleep reading this, lol

This is abridged too

Or 5mins in docker, shove something like this in a docker-compose.yaml equivalent:

   image: mysteriumnetwork/myst:latest
   container_name: mysterium
     - net_admin
     - /dev/net/tun
     - 4459:4450 # default node port
     - /docker/mysterium/data:/var/lib/mysterium-node
   command: >
    --ui.port 4450 --ui.address service --agreed-terms-and-conditions

And ‘docker-compose up -d’ and browse http://localhost:4459 if using the above example

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