SMOS and Ethermine

I just wanted to ask if there’s an issue between SMOS and Ethermine?
My SMOS dashboard is counting over 3200 shares, but Ethermine is showing 190 odd. Is this normal?


The shares, if not stale, build up over a 3hr period. Much lower than you are actually receiving until the average builds up over time. As long as you have a good internet connection and your rig is getting shares you should build up to and even exceed the reported # of shares. Ditto for the hashrate.

Cheers. I’ll keep an eye out

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also, the shares recieved are usually the ones counted for that past hour only, if you highlight over it on the ethermine webpage it does pop up to tell you that. So it is so of a way for you to track your rigs hour worth of shares submitted and accepted.

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