SMOS command lines HELP! :-)

There is no way I am the only one having trouble with this. I think Vosk has a list of commands for all the different coins he mines but I can’t find it and for the commands I have found that he shared I am still unclear about what exactly I need to replace with my info instead of his.

let us know what your hardware configuration and pool info, this will help us
(the more details you give the easier it will be to help you troubleshoot the issue you’re having)

I gave up on MSOS I’m on HiveOS now and I’m up and running.

The only things important to change on the command line of your .BAT file is YOUR mining pool URL, and YOUR wallet address.rigname

Your hardware may change whether the mining software uses AVX, AVX2, 32 or 64 bit but that’s pretty much automatic. The intensity, mode, and other command line settings are good out of the box