So Much For POW (or, FML, getting screwed over by the electric company)

Well, it turns out there’s a hidden rider in our electric plan that if we go over a certain usage they essentially double our rate for the month, so I guess I’m done with GPU mining out of my house. Unless I can double what NiceHash is paying out, it’s not going to be profitable :frowning:

So, at this point I guess I’m going to just try to sell off the rig I built, and go more into POS or just trading. I don’t think co-location is probably going to be worth it for 4 GPUs, but if anyone has any bright ideas (or, is interested in the rig) let me know.

For reference, it is:
Used ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT + 4 GB Ram + 6 Risers + celeron g3930 (2.9 duo core) w/fan
EVGA SuperNova 1000 G2 Gold, with cables
4X RX 470 8GB DVI mining bios cards
6 GPU Aluminum frame w/ power switch (that doesn’t quite fit the MB, but works to hang the GPUS from)
USB Wirless Adapter

damn bro that really sucks! is there now way to cut your electric usage anywhere else to get back under the threshold?

holy crap! hope that doesn’t happen to me. If I can get a stable couple rigs going I think I will try and find some small commercial building or office with fixed electricity and tell them im an IT company with lots of server. My rigs will make money if Cryptos drop by 50% but I don’t know if I can do it if my power went up 100%. That sucks dude.

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Probably not running with GPU mining, at least not with AMD’s, lol. Maybe if I built a Monero CPU mining rig, since I think those are pretty lower power consumption comparatively.

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I wouldn’t go that route Monero isn’t profitable imo its only worth mining on equipment already sucking power for other uses