So, yeah... This TOTALLY seems like a scam

If you do some googling on on the new AsicWay ‘AW Pro’ (or for that matter it’s smaller siblings the AW1 and AW2) You’ll find a series of news articles about the launch of these new ‘Astounding Investment Opportunities’ that ROI in 30 days or less! (lol) Further, you’ll locate at least three (3), or maybe more quote un-quote reviews that are all the same basic text just slightly re-worded and posted on different domains.

Anyways - I just thought I’d leave this here to see what anyone else thinks about it (them).

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1,950 TH on Sha256, the closest is 110TH? Sounds legit to me sarcasm

Google the Sunnyvale address.

It’s a Jiffy Lube

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I hope to be able to give you some business early next year.

Thanks for shoutout. Hopefully prices are a bit lower when you decide to buy.