Solana, Good or Bad?

Wondering what people thoughts are on Solana? With FTX collapsing, is it a good time to buy SOL with the reduced price, or is Solana going to fall with FTX, hence sell sell sell?

Wondering on what other people think…

Im personally a huge solana fan. It’s one of the most used block chains out there so far as actual transactions per second.


If sol falls what effect on hnt?

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well hnt cant get any worse lol, or can it!!!

As FTX got involved in the project, it’s going to suffer the effects of the association by the name, but IMO (NFA) It’s not going to go under, the blockchain is solid, it’s going to suffer on the pricing, but I think it’s going to maintain

After seeing many opinions, including Voskcoins…

I’m thinking that although painful in the short term, the fall of FTX is going to be actually a good thing for Solana long term.

FTX’s Serum project that Solana depended on oh so much! Was also a very centralized thing. With FTX fall, takes away the false pumped-up price of the SOL token, and also forces Solana to re-design “Serum” and they can re-design it to be much more decentralized!

Yes, lots of risk still,

But I think Solana can pull through and come out even better…

Not financial advice… DYOR!

I think t will be difficult for it to fall completely particularly if you look at the history of most cryptos few if any have ever fall into complete nothing. It is also a bigger player in the space making its failure less likely and its chances of a rebound of some type more likely.

On price alone its rallied by 35% since January the 1st this year targeting those Dec highs outperformed most other projects

But over the last 2 or so months it’s still down 60 percent.