Solar 21000sqft building - advice, experience

Welcome to suggestions

I have a 21000 sqft building in NC that needs a new roof. I was thinking of putting used solar panels and new roof on. I may be able to get 1200 250w panels which would yield about 1500 kwh a day… Enough to power about 17 antminer L7.

New roof would be about 120k
Used solar panels and Controllers about $120k
17 L7 miners about $100k

I can finance this entire $340k at around 8%, 30 yrs for $2500/mo

At current ltc/doge, each L7 will bring in about $22/day per miner
17x$22= $374 per day x 30 days = $11200 x 12 = $134640 per year minus the $30k in financing.

I know the major risk is the price of doge and ltc and the miners.

The capital investment for the roof and solar will always be worth it’s value since the building will be rented out regardless at market rate and I need to put a roof on anyway…

What am I missing? Input welcome.


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LTC have halving this year , and you have risk that Doge goes POS… but surrely you will ROI of miners in year… you can allways mine DGB and LTC … I think prices will go up in next two years atleast x2 to x3 times …

Main problem with panels is balancing of power so if you have on grid equipment and power energy company that wants to balance this power for you it is good story…

Balancing means , when is sun , energy that you dont spent you are sending in grid , on night or there si no sun you are using that energy…

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It would be net metered, so at night or bad days it’s pulling from grid.

Which coin is best bang per kwh?

being in Virginia would love to come see this once its done! I’d consider doing something like 50% btc 25% ltc/doge 25% another altcoin ex. ckb dash etc

Curently I think KDA is best when you mesure spent KWH , or belived or not ETC or ETHW … KA3 and E9 pro are highly efficient

I was doing some math , 6 months ago , for solar + wind plant but I am in money shortage :slight_smile:

For L7 yes they are cheap now , but i think new 4 times efficient miner is on horison… It is S1 miner … Yes it will be more expensive… E9 pros you could buy for 2200 usd… it makes in 450 usd in merged mining ETH or ETC with ZIL or to pick up new jasminers that consume 600 wats and have 1850 mhs… It cost 3000 usd…

Also it is good to buy miners for coins that you think it is gonna pump good in next 2 years…

btc is safe bet…

you say used solar panels, how old? 250W panels, but they normally degrade about ~0.5% each year and have a lifetime of 25-30 years, something to consider.