Solar Cells are running

Solar has been running for a couple of days now and at the moment it is producing power for the grid and we are running on our owner**


Awesomeness…! 2.5KW…? What are the specs of your system…? I’m in an RV on a friends property and have built a smallish system, but not off-grid yet.

Sorry that it took so long for me to get back to you. We have an almost 8K system that we now have on our house.
We did it that way so that we could have additional miners by around Christmas or just for the new year in general. We figure that 8K is enough for our needs.


No worries… Nice… 8kw. What’s your geo location and how many sun hours are you getting…? I’m going to build something at least that large someday. I’m saving to buy some land. Then I’ll build it to be 100% off grid. I’m in an RV that came with a small mismatched system… and I’ve upgraded most of the components… controller, panels and inverter… so it works for now… but I never upgraded the wires from the controller and battery and vise versa… but now that’s winter time… those upgrades will have to wait… as I’ve got 30a shore power. I’m in S. Oregon…

I live up in southern Alaska and I will tell you that right now we’re not getting a lot of sun obviously.

Come next year though we’re going to get a fair amount and I can’t complain.

I wish you luck with your endeavor too and I hope that we both make a lot of money.

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Wow… Nice… I’ve never been to AK. I’d love to spend some time up there searching for some of that shiney stuff. AKA" Gold Rush… I’m a prospector and have a little experience panning and have found a little before.

Yeah… it’s Winter time most everywhere… But with a big system, your not getting 100% but with enough storage and energy conversation… and a Genny… You don’t need no luck but I’ll wish it on you anyways. Thanks too for wish for me.

I’m starting a new truck driving job and should be making close to 100k… So I can foresee more miners in my arsenal… haha… I recently got a KDA box Pro… it’s doing good with where the markets are these days. sitting next to it is a Mini Doge… and in close proximity is 2 rigs; 2 CPU’s with 3 GPU’s.

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