Solar Crypto Project Outside Toronto

Hello everyone,

I’m not normally one to engage, but Vosk keeps talking about building a solar-powered facility. Thought I’d throw the opportunity to the community.

We’re building a property outside Toronto, Canada that comes with a 250 kW (in cloudy conditions) solar array. The property has a crazy rate of $0.40/kWh for its power. So we buy it back at 3-12 cents/kWh leaving wiggle room on breaking even with hydro.

My team is also going to look into liquid to liquid cooling using the pond on the property, making cooling costs almost zero since it’d just be some redundant water pumps.

There’s up to 40k sqft of space. It’ll be a multi-use facility, so we’d also only have to carry part of the mortgage.

If anyone has miners or otherwise wants to get involved somehow, please let me know. I’ll obviously give personal information and appropriate paperwork before asking anyone actually send me anything. For now, just curious if there’s any interest.

I’m totally fine calling it the Vosk Centre, Vosk room, Vosk community initiative.

Thanks for reading.