Solar farm asic advice

Living in the tropics, have a 10kw solar instal and adding another 5kw
So far was mining with GPU
Looking at putting some asic miners, but not much available in Thailand. Can mostly import Godshell
Which would you recommend? And would you tecommend selling the gpu before the merge and by asic instead?

I would go to - at the top where it says “miners” - click that and go to Efficiency view.
Then look at the type of algorithm you want, and get the most efficient one you can afford. Like this link to Kadena. Use the filter to narrow it to Goldshell if you need to.
Compare electrical efficiency on specific algorithms | ASIC Miner Value

I’m keeping my GPU rig. It’s churning away on nicehash and after some tweaking I saved 200W on it. I have another box with 2 cards I use to mess about with. Probably going to put that on Ergo or Flux post merge. It’s on ETH now till that stops.