*SOLD* Brand new Bitmain S19 pro 110 th/s for sale

out of stock until further notice…

Hello everyone, I am not a verified seller, but I am selling my brand new miner. Tested and fully functional. I am located in the Chicagoland area and the Machine is sold as ready-to-use. 2 power cables (220 volt) Included

I’m more keen on selling personally.
Shipping can be discussed depending on your location.



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If it’s a band new miner, why are you selling? Why don’t you keep it to make you money? With your selling price, it would take 2 years to ROI.


I bought an extra one and don’t have the infrastructure to run it.

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link doesnt work…


It works on my end. Try it again or I’ll send you screenshots through DM

WOW! I’m in a wrong business if this miner sells for $20K!!! You can pretty much get your ROI on both with this sale! Curious to see if it really sells for this much :wink:

It’s a brand new machine and due to supply shortages, the market is high and scarce. I see eBay and Amazon listings for 22-23k. This machine mines about 0.0008 of btc per day.

I understand that and it’s exactly why I’m watching this thread to see if it sells for $20K as I have access to get these brand new machines for a lot less (and I mean A LOT less). And that is exactly what I said that maybe I’m in a wrong business and instead of setting up my mining rig I should have gone into resale business :wink:


I sell em for a LOT less. I hope no one gets takin advantage of with that price. Wow that’s insane

It’s not even close to priced at market value. Be fair with people and don’t try to get rich on one sale and you’ll have longevity. Otherwise people will figure you out and poof, nothing!!

Can’t compare to scalper prices on eBay!! Good luck to you though. I could buy 2 for that price even right now. Crazy

No one is getting rich over here. There is another thread from an individual that is selling a USED s19j 95 th/s for 15k. I am selling a NEW s19 pro model 110 th/s. Pisting price is locked in as inflation and price of bitcoin is on the rise. If you can purchase for half, then why is it that the general consensus is high demand, low supply. You make it sound easy to purchase these but that’s not the case.

Will you take $14K for it?

Cash in hand! Ill personally fly to you and deliver it.


I sent you a DM.


I am selling the same for $16,380 but a better deal is S19 90TH for $7,989 (preorder) but the ROI is amazing on that one. asicwarehouse

Sounds good. But The risk is losing precious time as bitcoin is profitable for the next short term. You don’t want to mine when bitcoin is half the price. Pre orders are everywhere.
Thanks for the input though

the link works.

I can get you any model S19 for around $13,500 right now since everyone is interested in those. Bigskyasics.com send an inquiry say you’re from voskcoin and I can probably get you an even better deal than $13,500.

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110TH used only, can’t get those new.