Solo Dogecoin and Nervos Mining

Has anyone done any solo mining with an L7 or CK6? Can you merge the power of (2) L7’s and solo mine them together? If you have any experience, please share your results and how you set things up.

I wish Vosk would do some videos on solo mining… is there a way to make requests for future videos?

tag him on twitter, email him from the email on his youtube page. but solo mining is in most cases not profitable and is basically like buying a lotto ticket.

Can someone explain how to do solomining?

By yourself:

Set up an RPC server on the wallet of your choice.

Then direct all miners to your RPC server/wallet the same way you would a pool when you initially configure your miners.

No information is displayed and you find out if you found a block through your software or a deposit in your wallet.

With a pool:

2miners and other larger “solo pools” will give you a better “chance” at solo mining. They will usually also display a really useful set of information while doing so.

I had no luck solo :joy:

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Thank you for good explanation!
Do you have a list of solo pools, more than 2miners?

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Dogecoin Pools By Hashrate:

Nervos Pools By Hashrate:

*You may be limited to the reward modes of mining on the larger pools: FPPS, PPLNS or SOLO.