Solo Mining 2020

Anyone out there doing some solo mining? I am getting bored with breaking even im ready to gamble and see if I can hit some blocks on something like GameCredits. Anyone wanna school me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bitcoin based coins allow you to solo mine (cpu) directly in the daemon by setting the -gen flag or ethereum and clones you can mine against geth.

You can also setup pool software for yourself to solo mine if you want to gpu mine or mine on one computer and run the wallet on another (recommended). Some pools offer solo mining but you pay a fee and its not as fun as setting it up yourself.

Man I went around in circles for about an hour trying to figure out how to solo mine game credits finally realized they don’t have a wallet they use Ethereum.

The reason I skipped Verge and Digibyte is that I was hoping to mine some game credits and then stake them as I see them lasting and actually becoming something useful and profitable in the future.

I love solo mining but it is NOT RECOMMENDED :wink:

With that being said certain coins can fill your bag quite full quite quickly solo mining depending on network hash rate and what you bring to the table. Even with renting enormous amounts of hash I have witnessed first hand the “unlucky” side of solo mining. You love life when you are hitting blocks. You second guess yourself after you get weeks and months in…

Hitting a large block and the block reward paying for months or even years of electric is very exciting! You have to be ready to put it in for the long haul or deal with the cost of just heating the room.

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