Solo Mining Ethereum and Ravencoin

So i have decided I might as well take a stab at solo mining with my rigs at least to know for sure what they can do. I am hoping I can hold out long enough to find a block. If I am able to find one soon enough I am sure I will see how long it takes for the second. I will update if anything changes. For now here is what I am running.

I am able to see my miner on ETH on 2miners but my Ravencoin miner is not showing up. Does anyone know if this is normal.

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That’s awesome. I want to try to solo mine at some point but isn’t 2miners a Eth pool? that’s the pool I use for my Hashrate Exchange pool to mine Eth. I was always under the assumption a pool meant you were joining others, but would like to know more.

There are also solo options on 2miners

I already switched over to another coin lol I figured it would be easiest for me to find an ETC block with my rigs so I now have them both pointed at the 2miners ETC solo pool I will be back as soon as I find a block

hopefully it doesn’t take longer than 2 days

According to a calculator I found, for Eth Classic with 446 Mh/S it should take about 2-3 days to find a block.

You find anything yet MM?

for 5usd not worst plus if your rig stop or one carc fail you lost your block solo mining your rig need runing 24 all month without stop or down hash rate. normally mining if rig stop you dont lost mutch on solo if rig stop your 2days countern start again

nothing yet but my luck is growing lol

What is the difference between the high and low difficulty solo mining pools? As long as you solve the block does the difficulty matter? Don’t you always get the same block reward? Why would you chose the high difficulty over the low difficulty when solo mining? I am currently on the higher difficulty pool and I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake.

this is the best share so far

feeling like this miner will not be able to solve a block for a while

the difficulty only defines, how often you communicate with the pool.

high difficulty - less bandwidth use since you only sent feedback every now and then
low difficulty - more bandwidth use since you are sending constant feedbacks to the pool

Choose the highest difficulty possible without having the risk of stale shares.

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thanks bro! so as long as I am not getting invalid shares I should be on high difficulty?

like i say it not worst mining solo as you dont know or after 2-3 dahs you found block maybe after 1 week or maybe every 2 days is fallow lucky it not worst mining solo. mining properly on normal mining. if it will be easy to minkng block everybody move to solo. im runing before etc for a week anc found block after 5 days im lost my profit olso km try mining PIRL in 1day i solved 100blocks but again it not worst as i get only 400pirl normaly mining 678pirl. so it your choise mining solo and believe your rig every 3 days found block and you win like 10-20usd or mining normaly and get couple usd less and stabile pay

if rig runing without any problem dont change nothing wait till found block other wise you lost block if stoped miner

some GPU’s are luckier than others I figured I should find out if I am lucky or not once I know I am not I will switch back I just need to know for sure

If you can pool mine more blocks than your total coins mined (left side) then you would do better solo mining. I was winning ETH blocks for a while and haven’t found any since (go figure) I found 2 blocks.

I also had some luck finding ZCoin Blocks.

Issue is that pool mining gives a steady income while in solo mining you may go months without making a dime until you find a block and win 2 ETH.

Good Luck

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still haven’t found a block and this is my best share so far

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