SOLO: Patience is key?

Well, I’ve been screwing around with pools and figuring out which ones I like best. Tried about 9 GH/s rented on eth for a while to see if it would work, nope. Tried the same on ETC with no luck. So I got impatient, turned my hashrate down and went back to fpps pool mining with low power consumption in mind.

Magically, just a test rig on FPPS with 6GTX 1060s apparently “found a block” on prohashing that actually matured.

Damn it, I should have been more patient, thats the lesson learned here. In FPPS mode you make nothing if you find a block.

It doesnt matter about how much hashrate you have for a short period, its all about luck in the short period. Long term everything usually converges and you would actually see smoothed out profits and losses.

Has anyone had luck at sub 1 GH with GPUs on any coins?

Is it even worth it to solo mine vs fpps with low hashrate gpus even considering DAGs?