SOLX Solar Powered miner?

TLDR: Personally interested in Greener mining options. Has anyone experienced anything with this project, or have an objective opinion based on available info?
I came across SOLARX while running through youtube. Some smaller channels (abeit larger than mine) got in on this project. Currently there are only 3 online systems according to their network. In short it looks like it sells a kit that comes with a solar panel, inverter, battery storage for non solar hours, mining rig, and everything to connect in between. This seems like a great bridge into solar power for the small set up vs a heavy investment on solar panels. Its battery boasts 50 hours of mining on a full charge. Its network difficulty is based off of over-all wattage on the network. They are calling it PoGe (proof of green energy) its an ERC-20 based token on BNB chain. They claim to be launching public sales soon in may, as well as listing on May 21st. Furthermore, eventually launching their own blockchain.
To me, its super interesting that green energy is being incentivized. However, they don’t have prices for their kits, and according to the YT videos I have found it was an invite based private sale. Their staking program is written in a way that makes it seem more lucrative than your average stake, they say additional features will come with staking. They fail to describe what those features are beyond an air drop. They have a burn mechanism of 10% of “cashed in” tokens every quarter. Which leads me to believe there is going to be a middle man vs just swapping/cashing out tokens. Some of their site seems to be lacking, they offer white pages and a roadmap, however imo it seems to be lackluster.