Some s19 help needed here with profits!

Hey all! I hooked up my s19 six days ago to slush pool. I so far have ONLY made $31…ummm wtf!!! Is there something I’m missing? Is slush pool a shit pool?

I’m currently just mining bitcoin, I can’t mine Zcash at the same time, right?? Should I leave slush and go somewhere else? All the chips are normal, temps are normal, everything is running fine, I just don’t understand how it’s been six days and so far have only made what you “should” be making in a day.

UPDATE within a couple more minutes of digging…I looked into the full page of rewards history and noticed $41 of unconfirmed, still need confirmations on EIGHT blocks found. So maybe that answers my question and brings my daily revenue up to the 32ish dollars it should be.

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Try viaBTC pool if you have a coinex account which is the exchange the pool uses they payout daily no minimum every day plus no fees because its an member to member transfer. Worth a look at…

Slush pool has a tab for unconfirmed blocks which would usually have about 6-7 blocks per on average based in difficulty. U will see a little wallet icon at the top of your slushpool dashboard. It only displays confirmed rewards. You should be mining about 0.0007 bitcoin per day (1 machine)