Sorting a problem out

Hey y’all, I believe me and Aaron raycove have a huge misunderstanding. I disclosed to him multiple times that once I commit to my source that we must pay them. Undoubtedly he paid for an a10 just as I paid for 88 gpu and 2 s19pro. I’m not here to throw shade or dirt on the man because truly I like the dude and he had been top shelf. From what a friend of mine tells me is he thinks I’m holding him for ransom to get what he paid for and that I’m not a scammer, I wish In was holding it for ransom but unfortunately as I disclosed along with tons of other information that has checked out to date I am not. This is not my choosing that would mean I’m spiting myself as well. I asked 5 straight days leading up to the date which you chose and told me you were paying. I asked so we would avoid this exact dilemma, not to be a pain in the ass or because I wanted to. It’s the respect and dynamics of the relationship I have with my source. Now I need him or anyones help to get the balance to zero so I can obtain his and my items. As many of you know with many suppliers you must have a zero balance, my order is considering 1 big running order / tab. Again the man has been great and this shit upsets me immensely for a bevy of reasons. I just want to be able to get our shit and I can’t. Again I’ve been non stop about this all over because 1. I care 2. It’s killing my relationship that I’m lucky to have 3. Hes not happy nor am I.

This isn’t to argue or fight, if this was about asics and asics only than please problem solve with me. At one point I offered all the money back and that wasn’t acceptable from y’all. I offered to subtract it from the unpaid orders total (42k) 33 of which goes to the source for the goods. That wasn’t acceptable. I just don’t get it. I explained every single thing. Again I’m not throwing dirt here I’m here to problem solve for us all. You’re out here threatening law suits and this and that meanwhile ur partner in the next breath is calling me a fraud and scammer openly. I never did that. All I did was try to help and transparently share the situation in its entirety.


I dont even understand your story. Of course it goes with I dont care about your story because in no way is it affecting me.

Now, the only reason I am committing is that how can the forum help you ? The issue is money and between you and whoever and @Aaron_Raycove and another whoever. What does “US” the Vosk forum have to do with helping you?

now if you had said all the parties involved 100% in this issue, ( 1 ) it would have made a little more sense, and ( 2 ) I still dont see how we can help.

Did you want someone here to step up and buy out someone that backed out?

Okay I asked Aaron 5 times if he was certain about payment on 12/17 for 2 L7. He assured me every time that he was. He knew the dynamics between me and my source. He knew why I was making sure because once I commit and order it means I/ him are expected and responsible to pay. He choose the payment date himself mind you. He was well aware that the balance need be zero for me / us to be in good standing with my source; just like majority of suppliers.

He asked for an update on an a10 which I answered with an honest idk I’ll get one. The range for this was 3-6 weeks and there was over 2 weeks remaining. I said when I go see them the 17th ; the day they expected the payment, that I would have a complete and detailed update.

The problem is by this happening I cannot get many items including his. There’s no denial to what he will get/ is his. None. However he was in the know on these details, I’m just here to find a solution. I can’t do my job due to the balance that was created from the non payment. He was invoiced as he asked. I think things got misunderstood. At no point was I “holding him for ransom”

Again not here to fight, argue, or any of that. Im here with a genuine problem that I need a resolution for. This issue has run my life as well has been ruining it. Maybe I’m the wrong type for this realm because I care but I cannot change that. It’s who I am.

So far your story is just pieces of crazy to be honest. There is no solution because the problem is just money.

Why cant you just pay your own balance, get the machine… offer it to @Aaron_Raycove at a inflated price of " cost of doing late business " or, if he all the sudden does not want the device sell it here on the forum or ebay.

What are the numbers?

what is the cost of the machine and what is the balance? If the balance is 50% of the machine get someone here to buy out the balance and @Aaron_Raycove just lost the other 50% for being late.

33k goes to supply
9k to me
42k total

I offered a handful of viable solutions, one at one point was full refund and even that was turned away. Unfortunately that’s not a fix at this moment, I did have a sale lined up that would have allowed 13k to be sufficient. My money is tied up in gpu, and 2 s19 pro until the balance hits zero and I sell them.

You still haven’t really said what you want…and to be honest this sounds kind of scammy to me. Quit talking in circles and say what you want, instead of just saying a “solution.”


I believe I said but I case I didn’t; him preferably, I need 33k to zero out the balance. 21k each on 2 l7, the remaining 9 after completion. I personally could assist about 7500

Good luck with that, not sure who is going send 33k to you…and your acct is 3 hours old. Like I said, sounds like a scam. Go to a defi exchange and try to get a loan.


Yea you come here with a new account expecting others to zero out your balance? What a joke…nice try….haha


Something is strange however in that @Aaron_Raycove has not chimed in with his side to the story.

It appears that BigSky is using a 2nd and 3rd party to get to ASIC machines. Which is fine from a selling standpoint, but this type of issue can arise when too many people are in the cookie jar.

There must have been a transaction, that must have fell apart.

@Gpugoldllc might as well either pay up the $33K or tell the chinese supplier to keep the ASIC device and take a lost on the down payment of money. That will zero his balance.

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Nothing fell apart. He has an a10 along with all my own stuff that sits. I was picking up everything when I went to see them which was the day he claimed to be paying. I told him that I would get him a detailed update on the a10 which at this moment and date there were over 2 weeks remaining as it was as per the window given and agreed to.

I see no problem with Aaron not chiming in. First, he may not have seen this yet. Second, he may not want to air out any business information on a public forum.

You get 9k for faciliating an order? Taking no responsibility, inventory or risk. Id say shitty practice on your part and you’re on the hook to the 3rd party. What happens if you just find a new source from which to take a 30% cut? Id say you put yourself in this position by not having any recourse… trust nobody… thats tuition for a nice life lesson… ouch

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Who has possession of the a10?

My source. Who as the buyer (big sky) knew and was in acknowledgement/ understanding that the balance need to be zero if we were going to be able to access anything. This was all disclosed and understood prior, my hands are tied and not by choice. I have my own shit that I really need so I can recoup money that’s been laid out.

Been an interesting read. But not sure what this forum is supposed to do. Feels like a Judge Judy episode and we are supposed to offer our opinions? I’m guessing no one here is going to pony up 33k, and it will likely not help for me to contact Aaron and tell him to pay. I feel bad for you if this is legit, but it kind of has me on edge a bit.

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