Sorting a problem out

Dude no offense but there are at least 7 guys on this forum that have paid for miners from 4-8 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten word of when they will be shipped from another popular “seller” on here. Your problem needs to be solved in private. OURS needs more attention.


What ? Re read. Im not complaining about not receiving a miner. Im throwing around deals to atone for a 42k unpaid invoice that was requested by them and date to pay set by them, only to be hung out to dry and now owe 33k to my source for miners they bought based off the word of the person who didn’t pay.

What a bunch of BS from all the Sellers on this page the last few weeks…. all act like children and are A holes.

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Yup. Couldn’t agree more. I am pretty sure a certain seller creates fake accounts to ask questions and give himself props while behind the scene I have had 8 different people PM me that they have orders in, some as long ago as 8 weeks, with no ship date in sight.

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Can the OP stop and go away. No one cares about your problem and how you got there. I’m pretty sure no one will do business after the verbal diarrhea you laid here. Get out and spray some frebreeze on the way out.

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Lol sure Aaron