SP NA / SyncroB.it Update

I got this email late last night

SyncroB.it Update
SyncroB.it has completed our order and the units have been received at our warehouse. We had started fulfilling our orders but we have halted fulfillment because a significant concern was brought to our attention. SyncroB.it has filed for Bankruptcy and no onboarding credits were issued to a majority of the units we received.

We have been receiving a lot of emails from our customers stating they cannot connect to the network when setting up their units. We found out that SyncroB.it has not paid the data credits to Helium. Helium is aware of the bankruptcy and is working on a possible solution with SyncroB.it to onboard their remaining units. You can see the post on the Helium discord channel

They have breached their contract once again with SPNA. Our legal counsel is speaking to SyncroB.it as it has left us in a very difficult situation. Once the onboarding credits have been added to the remaining units we have in stock, we will continue with fulfillment. We do not want to provide any more units that cannot properly connect to the Helium Network.

Unfortunately, we can not provide an estimated delivery time as the resolution rests with SyncroB.it and Helium. We are hoping to know more within the coming days. We will keep all customers up to date on the next steps once a decision has been met.

Thank you,

SP North America Corporation

4261-A14 HWY 7 East, 887

Unionville, Ontario, L3R 9W6


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i got my spnorth like a month ago, totally forgot about it until then.