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Hello Vosk Community!

I hope everyone is doing well. My name is David, I’ve been a long-time follower of the channel and have been mining crypto since 2017. Voskcoin has been a great tutor for me when I was just getting into crypto mining and even made me a few bucks over the years with his hardware recommendations.

I’m part of the team that created CurPay and we recently launched to the public. CurPay is powered with Artificial Intelligence that can protect your crypto, give you more control over your trading strategies and make you money.

Our software has a long history, originally it was engineered for esports player matching, then repurposed for odds making for online betting and now we’ve retooled the software’s AI for cryptocurrency trading and crypto asset protection.

CurPay is not a bot. Our software is cloud-based, self-learning, and integrates into your exchange via API. CurPay’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence gathers market info, monitors trading signals (up to 19 signals) then will execute trades based on the user’s settings and balance at the most favorable time with the trading pairs of your choice.

CurPay does not take custody nor move your assets on/off the exchange. You don’t deposit with us you don’t w/d with us, you remain in full control. At this time we recommend CurPay users to use our software with Coinbase or Kraken.

Here are a few screenshots of our UI from one of my Kraken Accounts.

This is the main page that lists all the balances in your exchange account:

This is a view of a few trading pairs I have selected in this account. At the time of writing this post, CurPay currently supports 544 trading pairs.

This is a view of the trading pair settings where you can customize your trading strategy and guide the CurPay AI for your trading wants and needs.

On the trading pair settings page, you can view and monitor your trades and get a window into our AI logic.

Our trades page is where you can view trade history and filter past trades of your choice.

Here you can view the profitability of your trades on the summary page. Keep in mind all exchange fees are automatically deducted from your profits.

For all of you that are crypto miners, CurPay has upped my rewards game tenfold! I mine zcash and let CurPay convert a portion of my rewards on Kraken and then let the CurPay AI buy/sell other coins in my Kraken account to earn passive income. CurPay also protects my assets during market corrections. We are just scratching the surface on what AI can do and CurPay is no exception, it is a very powerful tool in automating your trading strategies and has many use cases.

Unlock the power of AI for your crypto assets today!

Cheers and thanks to everyone that read through all of this, y’all are amazing!

CurPay Team

Feel free to hit us up on our Discord or Telegram for any questions or assistance.

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