St box goldshell wrong profit

St box referring to should make 4-5$ Daily profit while in reality it is barely making 18-20 coins daily 1.6$ what is happening

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Hard to say, lots of questions:
-what is your hardware rejection rate?
-what is your mining pool rejection rate?
-what is your avg hashrate compare to ST box spec hashrate?
-If everything is to spec or within tolerance, then is off

Does “4-5$” mean “$4-5”? (one is correct, one is not)

I am having the exact same question. It’s barely making 18-20 coins a day and the the coin’s current price is $0.1 which makes it $2 a day at most.
My rejection rate is 2-3% and HW error is 0.03%, so not sure what’s happening.

Goldshell reports the ST-Box as producing 13.92 kh/s. If I input that into Dxpool’s STC calculator it shows only $1.80 and that is before electricity (of which ST-Box doesn’t use much but still).
I don’t know where asicminervalue gets its calculations from but it isn’t always right. For instance just a few weeks ago it said HS-Box was making a negative amount daily when it was more like $2.50.

Daily Profits:
13.92 KH/s ≈ 18.77442391 STC $1.8061

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I am using dxpool
Rejection rate is 2-3% max
Hw error is 0.3%

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i just update to 2.2.0 on my two STC boxes and i’m still getting a 3-4% rejection rate. i am guessing the numbers are normal? does anyone have better results wuth different firmware? TIA