STABLE GROWTH COIN is finally launching and APL crypto update

What if cryptocurrency stablecoins were backed by real-world assets instead of just a treasury of US dollars? That’s what GSX is building, as well as a social media platform and platform blockchain w/ sharding?? APL Update! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

GSX the stable GROWTH coin!
Apollo APL currency platform -
Stratus co the APL team social media -
Compass the Bitcoin mining marketplace -

The most popular and common stablecoins like USDT tether and USDC crypto coins are simply pegged to the US dollar, which continues to experience hyperinflation making stablecoins backed by multi-collateral or real-world assets which is exactly what Apollo and GSX their Gold Secured Currency are doing! In addition to Apollo APL cryptocurrency, their platform blockchain which successfully utilizes sharding, they are also launching Stratus Co a social media platform looking to rival giants like Facebook.

Stephen McCullah CEO of Apollo Twitter =

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 This coin is a stable growthcoin? What does that mean?
01:15 Who are Apollo Fintech?
02:48 Apollo Wallet & APL price
04:22 Gold Secured currency? What is a growthcoin?
06:40 GSX price & listings
07:23 Where to find news & updates about Apollo
09:43 FUD surrounding the project
10:20 This project could be the next top hidden gem
11:05 Apollo Fintech review

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