Stacks 2.0 mainnet

Hi all,
any one have a good tutorial on how to setup a Stacks 2.0 main net VPS node that you can stake and mine?
Cant seem to find one that goes from A to z


TBH its complicated even i couldn’t wrap my head around it the best way to stake right now is using OKCoin exchange it does everything automatically so you wont have to worry.

and as for mining good luck on following this guide

i was over whelmed with the amount of info on their site but use this link to learn and understand more on stacking,mining and a whole lot more.

i contacted one of the admins on telegram he asked for Meta Mask and email , he claimed my info needs to be verified so i suggest going in their and asking some questions if your still confused oh and Please update us if you come across on any useful info.

Thanks, I have looked at the instructions and agree, they are overwhelming.
Could not get any one on discord to help as I think the instructions are not out there yet for main net.
Not sure an admin would ask for your metamask and email…

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this explains everything about mining apparently the first guy who contacted me was a scammer and the community sent me tons of messages on telegram and hope you find the link useful.