Staking and Yield Farming a new Crypto Token BACKED BY NASDAQ?

xSigma an exciting new cryptocurrency token with Decentralized Finance DeFi yield farming and staking have launched their SIG passive income options with incentivized liquidity mining!
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xSigma finance is launching their own decentralized finance DeFi protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. SIG crypto token’s parent company xSigma are backed by ZK international a publicly traded Nasdaq company. xSigma Finance have launched their yield farming allowing liquidity providers to earn rewards for adding Ethereum and SIG liquidity on Uniswap as well as earning rewards for providing stablecoin liquidity to their DEX platform. This video is a review as well as a guide on how to yield farm DeFi crypto and how to provide liquidity and farm LP tokens on Uniswap!

Watch our overview of the new crypto defi token SIG by xSigma backed with Nasdaq investors review!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
0:00 DeFi coin is backed by a Nasdaq company?!
1:31 What is DeFi? How can I participate in DeFi?
2:20 X-Sigma is live! Provide liquidity with stablecoins
4:46 DeFi is high risk - be careful
5:37 How to provide liquidity on X-Sigma
7:50 How to buy SIG tokens to stake
9:20 Gas fees on Ethereum are insane
11:13 X-Sigma social media
12:10 How to yield farm DeFi SIG
14:57 X-Sigma Overview & liquidity provider LP rewards

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xsigma SIG review