Stale Shares popping up

I am running two FTW 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s (Evega). Using Phoenix Miner on US West pool. I keep running into some stale shares and it was usually just popping 1-2 and then it started going 2-3 then down to 1. Any idea as to how to stop this or is it common cause I’ve watched my daily estimate slowly go down over the last 24 hours about $1-$2. (Ignore the big drop, Turned it off so I could stream then turned it back on after)

Most common cause: mem clock too high

Other causes: thermal throttling due to paste on GPU or pads/strips on Memory chips/inductors and backplate.

Watch this video on repasting/taping:


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How will I know if the memory clock is too high?

I’ve never messed with pasting so this shall be interesting to look into lol

Is Phoenix reporting stale shares or just ethermine? If its just ethermine it is most likely not clock settings or paste but a networking issue some where. If Phoenix reports stales check for a card that has something like 8: 57.272 MH/s (1357/1) with the / after shares submitted. That will most likely be the card with the issues. But a small amount of stales is fine. I normally go for under 3% but under 5% is acceptable. What you do not want is invalid or rejected shares. Stales are just shares that were submitted late.

Good point, stale shares could be slow network connection on your end or pools, shares submitted after block was won. I was thinking Invalid shares which is different.

I have gotten Stale shares in several different pools