Starcoin ( STC ) mining

I have some st boxes on the way, does anyone know of the best starcoin wallet and/or mining pool that can be used for mining starcoin?

I am looking to get an ST-Box as well, the only wallet I can seem to find that I am okay with is the “StarMask Chrome Wallet” for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge from Starcoins actual website.
I’ll post the link here, but if you want to be cautious then I put a little guide to how you can find it from their website below. (StarMask - Chrome Web Store)

I personally will be using Dx Pool, since they have a guide for STC Mining (STC Mining Tutorial - Help Center)

If you go to the Starcoin homepage (, go to learn and click the StarMask Chrome Wallet, at the very bottom of that github is a link that says “安装指南” and that will take you to another github with the link to the extension at the top of the page. There is also information on how to use the wallet.

There could be better ones but that is the one on their website, but if anyone knows of another one then I would love to know as well.

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I use DXPOOL, then send to CoinEx. Still haven’t tried to convert or sell any though.


I’ll probably just keep the coins as well until they start to pick up steam. It’s a very good and interesting project! They have done their due diligence so we will see what happens. For those who are interested you can read about it here … Homepage | Starcoin


I just got a couple st boxes, running them on DX pool. I am getting reject rate between 4-5%. I am just wondering what I am missing here. Asicminervalue shows they should be making $3-4/day each. I have been running them a couple days now made like 40 stc. Looks like stc is $.095/coin. What am I missing?

What are you guys getting for production? The reject rate is high but it looks like the production is a fraction of what it should be.

I saw some guy on youtube with one machine and he was getting like 1.25 STC in one hour so that would be like 30 coins per day …if that were the case then asicminervalues are close but looks like they are still using .10 per coin price …not the actual current price because they are saying 3.55/day. Seems like it’s closer to 2.50 per day per box right? Either way I’m getting 4 boxes because I love the cheap $5 per month electricity cost …compared to my bohemoth 3100 w miner that cost me $250 month :slight_smile: Also stc has virtually no exposure right now but it’s an excellent project so I can see it going up so the coins you are mining now will be worth more.

There was another post like this earlier. They should be making about $2 a day right now.

Yeah. Here is a good resource if you want to compare the pools etc. The calc here which I think is based on minerstat is saying around 24.34 stc per day and $2.33 so it’s definitely looking like asicminervalues is wrong.

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My reject rate is pretty high for starcoin on dxpool as well. Anyone using another pool for starcoin?? Lower reject rate anywhere else?

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I would try poolin at and see if that works any better for you. @candcbennett

hi guys
i am becoming abit of a fan of starcoin. it may not be setting the world on fire but i think it will be a quiet achiever over time. discussing this with my crypto partner the other day and weve opted for 2 more stc boxes.the boxes are always in profit because of the low back end with such a light power consumption and the coin is holding quite steady at about 14cents au. because its a relatively new coin we can only wait and see how it plays out but for smaller operations its very low power consumption makes it super mining to dxpool and consistantly getting about 13 coins per day on each box.not a kings ransom but the low power is what keeps me in profit.
but remember this is a fairly new project and where it ends up we can only wait and see.happy minings bros

I’m also running some STC boxes (2 as of now, more to come) and I am on DXPool averaging 12-13 STC per day, per machine roughly. I tried running on Poolin and reject rate was as high as 20-25% and I was averaging 8-10 STC per day per machine. On DXpool its staying steady around 3-5%. I transfer to coinex from dxpool then keep the coins in a wallet until I want to convert or sell for money. I love the low power consumption and I hope I can get some more boxes here soon

dang 3 - 5%? both dxpool and poolin are doing like 12% rejections for me… I know its not my connection its in a room with lb boxes ck box and minidoge and they’re all like 2% or less… gotta be something with these pools and where you’re located. ofcourse make sure to use gave me horrible results

On Dxpool, my reject rate is around 5-6%. Anyone found a pool that’s better for STC miners?