Start up rig help

Hey trying to figure out what rig to start with and everything I need for my first set up. what should I mine? Any chance someone can could put me in the right direction. Really in the dark about everything I just want to get started.I’m looking for something Quiet as well because I live in a studio apartment

@Redsox77 I’ve only started mining about 3 months ago. I wanted to start off slow and easy and didn’t want to get scammed like I read so much about. So I started with some antminer L3’s (3 of them) which I purchased from different sources so if I got scammed it wouldn’t hurt so much. I paid about $1000 to $1500 for each and before the market took a dive was making $140 - $160 a month for each miner with overclocking. L3’s are 3+ year old model and many say with the release of the L7’s will have reduced profitability but I’ve already hit ROI on one so hopefully I’ll still get the other 2 paid off as well. So I would do as I did research, research, research, pay what you can afford to lose, check for vendors that will allow for CC or paypal or anything that will get you some protection on your purchase, you may pay a little more but it’s better than sending crypto and losing it. Do get FOMO if you see a great price on something stop and think, think real hard before investing your hard earned money. Oh yeah make sure you go to confirmed web site addresses there are a lot of similar looking URL’s that are scammers. And last but not least ask questions here, a lot of people on here that have been doing this a long time and are more than willing to help.

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a lot have been thats for sure!

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Are those loud I’m looking for quiet one specifically.

jsut fans like everything. can be adjusted one way or the other

Yes they can be, as @Master3004 said you can tone them down a little bit by adjusting the fan percentage use, but you need to keep an eye on the board temps so you don’t run them to hot. You can also get custom firmware to help out more, @Master3004 can talk a lot more about that, he helped me out on one of my miners. You can mitigate the noise some but you won’t get rid of it unless you did immersion cooling. I would not put these miners in the house, I put mine in the garage and it’s working out. But if you really want a quite miner they you probably need to look into helium miners.

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true … knew the name sounded familiar :grin: . heat kills… keep it cool . make it as loud or quiet as you want