Started earning with NiceHash, now what?

So I’ve earned BTC in my NiceHash account, I have a wallet and a account. What do I do with it if I want to get some of these gains into my bank account so I can pay some bills. I know I can exchange it for other coins but I’m having trouble figuring out how to sell for fiat and then be able to use. Im a broke college student and as much as I would love to hold the coin I just cant afford to do that right now.

I’m still new to all of this myself, but I’ve used Square’s Cash app to buy and hold BTC. Maybe that is worth considering so that you could send the BTC to your Cash app wallet then transfer to fiat from there. Cash app lets you link to a bank account.

Others may have some better suggestions, but that’s my initial thought based on the experience I have so far and what you’re trying to do.

P.S. I haven’t used yet so not sure about all that it offers.

NiceHash has a deal where you can send it to a Coinbase account for free. There you can sell it and send the cash to a bank account.


Coinbase is a safe bet for now.