Starting a new mining farm : Looking to solve a dilema

Hello fellow miners and crypto enthousiast.

I’ve been GPU mining for a Year now and i’m planing to start an BTC asic Farm ( budget around 100k $). I have one last issue for which i can’t figure out a definitive answer.
I need to choose which BTC asic to buy, FYI, I’ve got a very cheap electricy so picking the most efficient is not the way to go for me.
I want something still on the high end performance wise so If i base my choice on cost / TH it looks like s19 would be the winer instead of going for something like s19 xp.
but my concerne is regarding the halving , will it make s19 obsolete ? Will if affect the same way ( proportionnaly to the hash power) s19 and s19 pro, XP ?

What you guys would do ? and why ?


Can you please elaborate on how cheap your electricity is? and is that an unlimited supply like you are buying it and not generating your own electricity in a limited supply?

If I had unlimited cheap electricity at say something like 3 cents/kwh usd I would try to get some T19 Hydros because the ROI at the present moment in time is 287 days until you get your money back after electricity. That might be higher because you would have to buy from a reseller. but lets say it is $2500 per unit from a reseller then its 330 days for ROI. If you have a $100k budget then you can buy 40 machines at that markup and after electricity it would be $300USD a day profit. Where are you located if I may ask? I hear Iran has 1 cent/kwh so Im hoping for you that kind of cheap electricity is possible.

Thats just me though I’m sure others will chip in and give better ideas.

Whatsminers (m30s++) could be a good option for you with cheap electric. They crank out btc but not as efficiently as antminers and you wouldn’t have to deal with the hydro miner set up (although I do like that option if you don’t mind some extra work and maintenance). At the end of the day it really depends how cheap is cheap electricity.

Hey guys,
@ShredZ , @badgerlandcrypto , so " how cheap your electricity is? " → 0.015 ( yeah I know its amazingly cheap) unfortunately I can’t give details how I got this deal in place and where it’s ( its not like I won’t give advives its just I4M might get in trouble…). T19 and whatsminers looks like a good option, I’ll look into it cheers.

How about the halving , is the rise of difficulty affects the same way older asics and the new more powerfull ones ? My concern is if I compare to GPU mining, some cards become obselete because of their hashing power but because their RAM doesnt keep up.

so finally what I mean is : Is there another factor to be concerned about except hashing power for asics regarding mining dificulty ?

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You need to buy the newest Bitmain miners if you want to make money mining.


Sounds like you have a dream scenario there! Yes there will be the halving which is an ETA of March 2024 and at that point you’ll earn less Bitcoin. However with those power rates I would not be concerned. Currently t19 hydro is making 9 cents/kWh in the bear market. If you bought at Bitmain prices that’s 230 days to get your money back, and that’s $380 a day at current rewards and power costs. New machines will come out every year and difficulty will increase but you should have your money back + good profits by then. With that electricity rate you have so much room to move I imagine you should be able to run them for the expected 5-6 years until they die, just my opinion to not be as concerned about the halving or difficulty with your electric rate. Good luck mate

@ShredZ Cheers mate , very helpfull.

Thx for the reply , could you elaborate and explain your opinion ? I can’t take it as it without arguments :wink:

Man U must be someone special because that’s pretty much the best rate in the world so you either have a multi million dollar hydro wind or solar farm but if u had that you wouldn’t mind sharing it but since you can’t say anything I doubt it . Which comes down to two things one your doing something illegal which you have now posted on social media which would be stupid but hey u said u have best rate in world so who knows. Or two it’s a lie because there no major corporations getting that price unless they are hydro wind solar including mining farms

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I know Iran has electricity that cheap but I heard it’s illegal to mine for half of the year due to their electricity production, so it depends on where he lives in the world. But that’s his privacy and choice to share

created an email for this, there is no information which could link my post to me.
I got an actual farm for veggies and for this purpose i have that amazing electricity deal in a country where its already very cheap. I would not exceed my allowance if my farm is bellow around 30 asics at 3K khw each so it stays on the limit of my contract. the problem is i’m not suppoed to use this electricity for this purpose so yeah its kinda breaking the terms of my contract.
I have nothing to gain by saying , its not bragging i feel no glory whatsoever since I have no merit for this privelege. Why replying you’d wonder ? its stupid right ? I’m just sick seeing pple so sure about there reasoning while they dont have all the parameters.
allow me one advice, “Someone’s intelligence can be measured by the quantity of uncertainties that he can bear”. E Kant. you should look up bayesianism as well ( as a way of life not just the mathematical rule which is where the philosophical current come from).
I could not help by providing how I’m doing it but it hope you can meditate what i just said.
cheers fellas which good fortune.

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If I had 100k, I’d be placing an order with bitmain right now while the S19 100TH is on sale for $1900 each.

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Well yea me too but what he talking about is still doing something illegal and in some country that’s a lengthy jail time on top of it all he just said it on social media

I really want to buy one. That’s a sweet deal.

I want to get one waiting for KYC hopefully they don’t sell out.

Hi Hafar,
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