Starting up a mini doge 2

I bought the mini doge II … only want one, so i bought a power supply from EVGA 750w Gold …

but when i boot up red power sign turns on after bootup… what am i doing wrong…

i connected MB cable to the psu and put the cap on the end to fake the MB…
then i used VGA 1 & VGA 2 (8-pins) to connect to the miner port 1&2 with 6 pins…

boot up the PSU, miner starts working, and after a short time power turns red… any tips ?

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Let it be a lesson for all… sweating for no reason… miner just went in standy because i have to configure it first :thinking: :see_no_evil:

So we can leave this message for people in the feature who experience the same… it powers up, it makes noise, it stops and a red light turns on … NO PROBLEMO … just do the next steps online to unlock the miner, add pool settings so the miner knows what to do and all lights start working as they should…

reminder for the feature… i did a good job … trial & error


Mistakes are how you learn!! usually when I have an issue with my miner its literally the dumbest thing ever lol.


Good that you got the EVGA. I started with a Bitmain power supply and it’s very loud. I switched to the EVGA 650. Super quite. Just FYI, you can experiment with pools. I started out on dxpool, which is the Goldshell default. I found that mining-dutch is better in payouts and offers more features, like automatic conversion and configurable payouts. Been happy so far. Learned about mining-dutch from this forum.


Speaking of power supplies. I guess I got a dud from Amazon. It worked for about 2 hours. The fan never came on. Back to noisy Bitmain vacuum cleaner for now. :weary:


tnx for the info … mining-dutch looked a bit like a weird website, so i stumbled into litecoinpool… but i’ll keep looking out, at min threshold payout i’ll change to other options, to look what fits best with my expectations

might go to minig-dutch too one day or another ;o) most important, miner is working nice ;o)


ATX psu’s are great because of how quiet they are haha. Those little server PSU style fans are SO SMALL they have to spin super fast to keep it form :firecracker: