Startup mining farm advice needed

Need some advice from pros please. Starting with $10K investment and allocated $100K after I get first miners set up at my location. Already have two L3++.

  1. Go ASIC OR GPU in regards to ETH 2.0 and GPU mining going away in next couple years. Wont this cause millions of GPU’s to hit the market? I want long term. Any advice from pro’s?
  2. What do you recommend my first purchase be with around $10K?
  3. Does anyone have a list of accessory items recommended to start?
    Thank you in advance!

Not trying to hijack travdo’s thread, but I could use some advice too. Very similar position. Looking to spend $50-100k USD on hardware. Power budget is up to 70A at 240V. USA, electric about $0.12/kwh.

Please write based on travdo’s questions and info, but I’ll be listening too! Thanks!

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