Stay away from usdt

forgot i had some usdt from a refund i had gotten. just remembered it the other day and my first thing i planned on doing was to sell it.

IMO , this hogwash. So a unknown and unheard-of news group makes a story reciting the same claim that has been made since Binance and the Ethereum foundation made stable coins and had to compete with USDT. (Note USDT used to be ERC , but they left them [due to ERC greed and bullshit], so ERC made USDC)

So the “token” groups who supplied the fall out of 2022 defi scams, are now telling you that the US company that is accountable to US laws, is scamming everyone while also running a 7 year old super successful business.

This joke/ridiculous claim has been floating in the air since 2017, It has been proven wrong over and over.

ERC and Binance don’t want to share totalitarian control of the Stable crypto markets. It makes their scam Staking and shenanigans unstable when another group is trying to do it right.

How many USDC or BUSD exist? as many as they can print ??? ETH had 75 million tokens at birth, mined another 65 million over 7 years, then went PoS. Why bring up ETH ??? Because the ERC foundation moved onto Stables. Why print fake money (ETH) that is determined on a bunch of miners. Might as well make crypto equal to $1 and just print them when ever they feel like it. And you might say “they have a fixed amount” Nope bullshit. “Fixed amounts, do not play a part in a Usury based Economy”.

Follow the Alameda bullshhh. You will quickly notice how they were the worlds #1 wWrapper of wBTC. It doesn’t matter if they stole your money, just as long as ERC got your BTC first, wrapped.

Then comes the banks. Another level of competition. So USDT is backed by US private investors. BUSD and USDC are backed by Silvergate & …blah blah , basically VISA .

USDT has proven in a court of US law, that they can lawfully return funds and hold their claim. Aside from not squandering away the assets, they have become wildly profitable, so company profits and holds go well beyond refunding USDT holders. The joke here , is that USDC and BUSD hide behind European Trust laws to prevent them from having to “prove” they a solvent while they sit there and create fake news outlets to slander their competition. That competition is not scamming you, so what do you think the other guys have in mind…

Lets not forget what political party CZ is in, born into. Let us not forget that Binance (BEP/BNB) and ERC both host their centralized blockchain out of China from a server that is also owned by that same political party. CCP China One < That’s what this news article is supporting.

You need to make videos no cap

No one needs fud on tether

I’ve done business with both countries, USA and China, as well as many others.
There are plenty of reasons not to trust the US legal system.

also, Mr. Word Salad, the major US news media (US Government controlled propaganda) is wholly unreliable.
SBF continues to be protected even after his fraud and thievery are uncovered as if he was an intelligence operation to steal money all along.
At least the Chinese create value in the open market.