STC (Starcoin) Mining Discontinued thru ViaBTC Pool

Just a reminder to those who may not be aware, ViaBTC is ending their STC, FCH, XMR, and RVN mining as of Feb. 21, 2022 and if you do not transfer your rewards out of your ViaBTC account by Feb. 28, 2022, you will loose your related tokens permanently. The only option to transfer your tokens currently is through CoinEx - nothing else works and is grayed out.

By the way, over the last couple months I had several tickets at ViaBTC created for issues related to STC mining. I was missing rewards for days, my STC-Box miner kept on freezing/locking, and I suspected pool problems. My rewards would all of a sudden pile up and I would get 3-4 days of rewards in one day. The response I would receive on my ticket was always “check network connections and miner settings” and thats it. ViaBTC’s customer support is poor and non-existent! In the end, I knew there was something wrong with their mining pool and now that they are ending the service, it confirms my suspicions.

I moved over to DXPool weeks ago and I have had no STC issues there. I would not recommend ViaBTC due to their poor customer support and lack of transparency related to my numerous SCT-Box issues related to their unreliable STC pool network.

Thanks for the advice. I haven’t had any problems mining LTC/Doge to ViaBTC (so far). And miningpoolstats seems to show they are now #1 over litecoinpool now for mining ltc - 27% vs 23% today…
I’m surprised there are no discussions here talking about that yet. I’ll probably move back to litecoinpool eventually though - just wanted to test ViaBTC for my own curiosity.