Stealth mining anyone

Anyone know of anybody leeching free electricity?

Totally not worth it. I’m sure there are people doing it, however I’d rather have a career with benefits and my integrity vs. losing my job over stealing electric.

ill say it. if your a thief/liar/genral criminal. leave this community. we dont need it or you.


That’s a rare thing to hear about but it does happen. And whoever does manage to steal electrical power always gets caught at some point, especially if it’s a high wattage amount. If this is something you’re trying to achieve yourself then stop immediately. If you suspect someone else is doing this in your community then I’d anonymously report it to the local utility company

I would be very very careful judging others based on a question.
This question will most likely come up a whole lot more the next few years, when people get more and more desperate to make ends meat. They will do anything to survive, even when it means to bend the rules here and there. The question is, WHO’s rules are they ? Who ever decided that they have the right to tell other people what they can or can not do ?
So, before you judge, think about this. What would you do, when your livelihood depended upon bending the rules a bit ?
I don’t try to judge, because you never know what situation they are in.
It will be a legitimate question very soon for a lot of people. Maybe even for you !

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All that other stuff aside, it’s a little like “free cable”, something you could get away with 25 years ago, but not today. Direct wire, jumpers, induction coils - whatever, they’ll catch it very quickly. The monitoring is pretty advanced virtually everywhere. The fines and legal costs pretty severe.

Suggest studying off grid solar, wind and storage. Off grid because unless your util provider gives you the same credit as they charge you, it rarely is worth it to grid tie.

Capitalizing your own power plant is going to make your mining make sense financially in any urban and many rural areas. Think of it as your first “miner”.

Just my two cents. (11 to 40 cents here in Calif)

whos rules are they??? if you use someone’s electricity without their permission, that is stealing plain and simple. it doesnt matter the situation. now if you want to convince a jury that it was desperate times and desperate measures, that doesnt change the fact that its wrong, just that maybe your not a bad person, just in bad circumstances.

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best you can do is rent a place with a flat electric rate. They’ll likely terminate your contract though at some point in which you will have to pay the breach of contract fees but it’s not illegal.

This is the dumbest thing I have read in ten years. Stealing from someone and stiffing them with money you spend is wrong and can’t be defended with some lame “who’s rules are they?” nonsense. If that is the case… then go ahead and give me access to your bank account. I have two kids to feed and I disagree with the rules that it is your money.

If they terminate and the contract doesn’t specify how much electricity you can use then they will be the ones in breach not you. I know of people who still rent apartments and such where utilities are included in the rent this is kind of like what your saying but usually more vague than contracts that charge flat electric rates.

You could install a set of induction coils on the line coming in. Tap off the magnetic field through inductance then use a rectifier to change from ac to dc for storage then reverse the same to convert dc to ac to feed a miner but your master would have to be a larger usage of electric to create a strong field. The math is quite simple but the yield is low.

Did you just graduate electrician school? Your suggestion is not at all realistic

I know a college student who mines from his dorm room, but kinda like included with rent. Bet can only get away with box miners based on the noise of larger ones.

I never judge anyone trying to avoid the massive amount of theft the government induces on us every year. Social security, taxes, stimulus , etc. Although I would never suggest doing this because I do not want anyone to go to jail, I also do not feel the guilt others expressed as we are constantly stolen from by our own government year after year and can’t do anything about it except sit by and watch our purchasing power and liberties diminish.

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Induction transformers are used everyday. If you need help with the theory let me know i can send you some calculations and formulas to try. If you watch you tube for you laymen it’s probably best because the videos are only 5 minutes long. You may find a better understanding how a magnetic field is generated and how a coil of copper and a iron core passing through a field induces a voltage in the coil. I’m glad I could help you understand how the ac current works. It’s not magic

I’ve been electrician for 12 years and currently working in network distribution for broadband services. I doubt there’s anything you can teach me. You just sound like a clown trying to be smart. Good luck with that, lmao

Just trying to help I’m sorry . Start here if you need more help let me know

Biffwellington is basically talking about a 1:1 transformer. but technically it’s still stealing, so not advised.