Steven Drawdy Update

U.S. Department of Justice Southern District of Georgia has charged Steven Drawdy with White Collar Crime/Fraud.

United States v. Defendant(s) Steven Drawdy
Case Number 2022R00460 and Court Docket Number 23-CR-00046

As of August 16, 2023, Steven Drawdy is in custody.


Just went back through and read everything. Hope you all get your money back


Not very likely but hopefully prison time.


I know that the courts can require payments for things such as embezzlement so I suspect that they can require payment in this case as well the difficulty is that if payment was made in cyrpto it will complicate the process and potentially leave many feeling shorted as the repayments will only be made through Fiat currencies. The threat for non-payment is jail time which no one really wants as while in jail no payments can or typically will be made. I would also expect payments would be made to the courts and issued to the recipients from there so it might be a slow trickle of funds if anything and with the nature of crypto further leaving people feeling shorted.


Just wll have ot wait and see.


This was one of the stupidest things I have ever done in my life. I kick myself almost every day thinking of the money I gave to this waste of space. When I talked to the FBI a couple months ago, he was in prison for Elder Abuse.

Same here.