Steven Drawdy Update

Received the following today from U.S. Department of Justice - VNS - Investigative Case 288P-AT-3673359 - Court Case 23-CR-00046:

A hearing before Judge J. Hall is scheduled on December 18, 2023, 02:00 PM at Federal Courthouse, 600 James Brown Blvd. Augusta, GA 30901 for the case which involves defendant(s) Steven Drawdy. The purpose of this hearing is for the defendant(s) to enter a plea of guilty. Your attendance is not required. If you are a victim of the charged offense(s) and wish to speak at the plea hearing, please call our office well in advance of the scheduled hearing date.

On December 18, 2023, defendant Steven Drawdy pled guilty to the charges listed below. Any remaining counts will be disposed of at the time of sentencing. As a result of the guilty plea, there will be no trial involving this defendant.

Number of
Charges Description of Charge(s) Disposition
1 Fraud by wire, radio, or television Guilty

Of course, no idea if anybody will ever see there money back on this. Anybody else here anything?


Kind of hard to respond 2 days after the fact. Can you refresh us on who this guy is?

He robbed a lot of people on this forum i believe, I think his username was master3004


He scammed a lot of people on this forum and through his web sites ‘selling’ miners.

Very true.

That is correct

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