Still Buying From Alibaba?

I have successfully purchased several miners from Alibaba over the past 3 months and was wondering about the ban. I have asked most of the vendors I dealt with and they all say they are still selling and even sent updated price sheets yesterday and today. Some have sent me their Whatsapp to get it through there (that worries me about not going through Alibaba). Miners are still being advertised on the site. Do you think if an order was placed that it would still be covered by trade assurance if something went south?

You can’t buy miners through “Alibaba trade assurance” because of the ban. The only way is by bank transfer or USDT to the seller’s account. I am having chat with “Shenzhen Letine Technology Co., Ltd” on Whatsapp and they send me “Proforma Invoice” to pay. Now, I am thinking to pay or not.

who have you been buying from? because you can’t use the site insurance any more?