Still want to buy some LUNA in case

Now the Price of Luna has doubled during past few hours and been holding a high volumn eveyday.Is that saying it’s gonna go to 1$ again?Then i will have trillion from my holding…Leave your comments

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if it does good for them, but i seriously doubt it , the volume people have bought at 0.00010 and even cheaper makes its very much doubtfull , a pipedream

I bought the short and also bought 1M shares… in case. Lol

good choice. i did it as well. in case that top 10 project back to life!

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Circulating supply 6.5 trillion…is that right? If so how was it $100 plus a coin and not the most valuable crypto?

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Great question I haven’t delved into yet.

Well. I’m only holding 1.5 M…. So you’ll have to pickup the bar tab.

@Brianf329 because there weren’t that many before it tanked. It is designed to create more to try and get the peg back to 1.00. So when it kept dumping, more and more were created making each one woth less and less