Stohn Coin - mineable coin launch

We are launching Stohn Coin which is a new mineable Bitcoin based level 1 coin. Stohn Coin is mineable using Scrypt protocol. You can mine Stohn Coin on a laptop, GPU, or one of 3 mining pools.

Please take a look and give me your opinion of the project. We will be live on our first exchange listing in February 2023.


Mining Pools: Stohn Coin (SOH) Scrypt | Mining Pools

Stohn Explorer:

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I’m interested and will be diving in. Something I’d like to pitch at you , now that you’re newish still. Github, please make your downloads from Github. While a .zip is rather normal, Github adds a layer of security for the clients (via peer review). You guys have a github already (I’m looking at it).
Maybe it’s just me. I preach to people that a coin project must meet a criteria - announcement ( New Bitcoin similar coin to mine- Stohn Coin ) , A github for downloads ( GitHub - StohnIO/StohnCoin: Stohn Core integration/staging tree) and a positive Coinopsy review (you have none, which is good per say).

So yeah, I would just prefer to get your downloads from Github. Bravo on doing the real OG stuff to establish your Coin line. I tip my hat to you.

(and for the record, I read the whole Bitcointalk thread, fuck those haters. You guys are on the right track IMO, anything is better than a valueless token created to syphon value from BTC. The haters are obviously blinded by tokenomics and wouldn’t know a real blockchain if it was kicking them in the face)

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