Strange story happening into fpga familly monad technology & hashaltcoin feel free to read and reply

Hello everyone, I would like to tell you about a scam is happening now in the middle of virtual currency mining, it is miners better known by the name of Blackminer FPGA or also we do not forget Imperium line miners from Monad Technology in Taiwan…

At the beginning these companies make you big promises and strong ad with a calculation on their reference site of Roi, Breakheaven after 4 months only!!!

Obviously their advertising stipulates a rate of profitability which is said to be impossible to modify at 20 to 40 usd per day.

Since it is a brand new unknown product many people are attracted, it may be El Dorado finally we were all waiting for it…

First the miners are such expensive, approximately with shipping cost 2800usd for an Imperium V2 miner and 2300usd for a Blackminer F1 Ultra of course they make you understand that the Fpga miners are like graphics cards so they will succeed anyway, because they mine any currency you do with GPU with 20-30 times the power of a quality GPU Rig.

On their site they will present a full license of different bitstream declaring your miner is ready to mine an incredible numbers of virtual currencies.

In the end nothing is developed, everything is on hold in all cases at Monad Tech, and upon sending it is impossible for you to install currency mining as the case is complex.

You will even believe the Imperium line are better quality than their similar HashAltcoin, and Imperium 's are between 20 to 50% more powerful than the Blackminer F1 Ultra…

Finally they are only salvage products that they sell to us, even the “asic” boxes are salvage.

When the mining starts while they guarantee you a hashrate of 7.5GH / S for HNS(handshake), you are perplexed because the pool indicates only 4 GH / S, moreover the mining takes place either in their own Blackminer pool or in a 6block pool where only the Imperium miners mine, result the profits generated is around 1.50 to 2 usd per day.

With this sum you will supposelly pay for your miner in 4 months, pay the costs of their farm (MONAD TECH-HASHALTCOIN) which amounts is about 80 usd / per month with maintenance, electricity, the reality is "You do not even mine enough to pay the farm fees "

But where all the currencies that are not given to the miner go, where have disapeared all these coins???

The scam is well thought out successful and from there they unpluged the devices because it is now ready for 20 days that the line V1 and V2 is extinct and that the line R1, R2 so at the sale they promised a profit of 40 usd / per day from the end of january … We are almost in May and everything is off … off… off

And they invoke Covid knowing that Monad Tech are based in Taiwan the least affected country in the world with only 4 cases.

Follow this good read link and understand the scam that has been set up by the Fpga familly…

fpga dot guide

Can you please include direct links to the sites and services you’re mentioning, and do you have any screenshots or links to miners on mining pools to verify your claims?


Yes I have some screenshots

As you can see reward around 20-30 HNS&Daily= 2 usd and miner are offline…!!!To start with they have presented to us many more Bitstreams, there was also Digibyte-Odocrypt, Tellor TRB, and AEON K12 but finally only blackminers mines these coins, Imperium line still nothing only CKB & HNS…Ckb with Fpga have a daily profit of 0.20 cens/day and Handshake, Asicminer is right coming out under the trade mark Hummer H1 80 GH/S out in june…Means HNS profitability will also drop to a few cens/day…With Imperium line…By they way the shipped ones Imperium are still mining Ckb right now only hosted mines Hns…TOTAL SCAM breakheaven in 4 months of course!!! :slight_smile: