Suppliers from china

I am currently researching suppliers for few miners I want to buy, any of you guys have eny experience with Daisu Qiu from Shenzen eminence-top technology, or Wendy Huang from Apexto Electronics??

If you have any other recommended suppliers, please hit me up on DM.


Bought my L7 from Apexto. I dealt with Bella who was brilliant. I have spoken to Ann on here and believe Wendy is one of the main managers.

What are you looking to buy, just out of interest…

My L7

Currently I’m thinking about buying few s19j Pro and converting them to oil cooled.

What model s19j are you looking for? Maybe I can help. Some of my inventory is listed here - Badgerland Home Crypto Mining | eBay Stores. I have other models in stock and can get just about any other miner.