Surge protection

Wondering if anyone uses a surge protector? I have a Tripplite PDU and a dedicated 30A circuit for my rigs, but I’ve been stressing around not having a surge protector as well.

i am using a cord extension with integrated surge protector for my mini miners and soon I will install a 4pin surge protector in the distribution panel that will be powering my (hopefully soon arriving) asics.

I thought the tripplite pdu had built in surge protection.

So did I, thought the triplite pdu’s has surge protection.

That depends on the type of PDU.
I just bought an second hand older style pdu that has separate overload protection, but no surge protection.

i use these on every house i work one ( rentals and/or office) since i had a surge that destroyed a whole house a couple years ago

i still have ups for mini miners and other critical loads in house but it protects quite well IMHO

What surge protection should I for box miners on a 110V outlet?