Sus WETH drop with no trace on BNB Chain?

I recently Received $6.07USD worth of WETH on the BNB chain. What’s strange is it didn’t show up on the Block-explorer. Also no related activity that would have swapped tokens by accident. No current Airdrops from projects I’m part of. I know there are scams that use fake tokens mimicking actual tokens in order to illicit a failed transaction. This generally will get you to 3rd party site where their solution is a means of compromising your crypto wallet, and draining as much as possible.[Edit add] (New folks to crypto Never give your memnonic or seed phrases out) However to my understanding These scam transactions wouldn’t complete.

I was about to just hide it assuming so, to my surprise, I was able to swap this out no problem for another crypto.

I guess what I’m getting at is; Did I just play into a scammers hands? I just don’t understand how this would come about with no sourced activity on BNB block explorer if it happened by mistake or on purpose. Understanding its only $6 its just so perplexing.

look at token transfers. that field of transactions doesnt show up as the default in bsc scan

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