Suspicious Help on Reddit

Hey this may be obvious to some of us, but if I can save anybody some heart ache then I’ll post my experience.

I recently had an issue with, and while waiting for their tech support to respond in chat (much faster last week than users were reporting a few months ago, btw) I went ahead and posted on reddit to see if the community could help me out.

Within 5 minutes a username was created with presumably the sole purpose of scamming me. They used in their username and the picture for their profile. As far as confidence games goes they did a good job, until he asked me to send 2 ETH to “verify my wallet address”. I have a feeling they’ll ask for something in the range of 10-20 dollars next time, which might not be enough to set off alarm bells for some.

So, while some help chats really do use reddit, telegram, etc. not all of them do and not everybody claiming to be from a company actually are. Like I said, fairly transparent con but just in case anybody is greeted with a private message from “support” just take a step back and think about what you know for sure BEFORE giving out any details.


That’s a good warning, as you said obvious to anyone experienced in the space but sadly newcomers are scammed everyday it seems.