Syncro Bit HNT Miners

Hi - has anyone else pre-ordered SP Syncro Bit Miners using the link @VoskCoin has provided?

I used the link provided in a recent YouTube video and used the 5% off coupon: this video and this link.

I have been careful in this crazy crypto market for buying hardware - and got scammed once already. So I had some concern that this website appears different than what is linked through using their link for Syncro Bit. Although the check out page looks to be identical.

Looking for others who have ordered from Vosk’s link - and maybe actually seen hardware arrive yet??

I ordered the non-SP Syncrobit miner (the white one linked through the Helium website) for 2 reasons: SP is based in Canada, while the other one is coming from Pennsylvania. The PA one also charged less for shipping so my total came to about $432 instead of $450+ for the SP Syncrobit to ship from Canada. I also figured that once the units were received in North America the PA one would also save some shipping time and get my unit in hand a little faster (I’m in OH).

I placed my order about 2 weeks ago. The regular (non-SP) syncrobit website just posted an shipping update in the last few days. They are stating orders placed after 4/21 the shipping estimate is now September… They are quoting the order group just prior to that should receive their orders in June now instead of July as they initially quoted - so I am HOPING my order group comes in sooner than expected too. I really wanted it in hand before the HNT rewards halving in August, but it really looks doubtful at this point… The Syncrobit website also stated that the FCC was saying they need a slightly different antenna connection for the US units - which apparently is an easy fix and will not delay shipping. They are also supposed to ship with an upgraded antenna.

I am not sure if this goes for the SP Syncrobit as well but keep checking the website - they all seem good but posting updates when new info is available. I kept the SP Syncrobit in my cart for a few days before I decided not to order 1 of their units. If I could have gotten on this a few weeks, or even a few days sooner I might have had a chance to get both Syncrobits in hand before August… I’m bummed I was a little late to the party ordering, but still crossing my fingers they come through sooner than September if you placed your order after 4/21…