Taking plunge into mining.. BT-Miners (?) no scam? -- New vs. Used

Taking first plunge into mining. BT-Miners has a USED S19 Pro 110Th for $12,500 and a NEW S19 J Pro 104 TH also for $12,500?
Q1: is BT-Miners safe to order from with CC and how long to ship? Customer Service?
Q2: Go for the Use S19 Pro or the New S19J Pro ? I’m in So Cal where electricity over $.20 Kwh? (hey but good weather) Planning to connect to dryer plug inside my laundry room and make a sound box. Thanks … appreciate any feedback

I did a little research on them and a decent number of people have said good things. Enough to where I placed an order. Supposed to be here mid October.

They have a sales rep in new york who you can call. I probably called her 4 times in an hour and she answered everytime with answers and help. Heard her start up a mining rig for testing (which she apologized for the noise).

I am sure you want to buy soon, but if you are waiting I will let you know if I get my equipment or if I am out thousands. But type “BT” in the vosk search and you should see others experience with them.

Hey Thanks a lot for the feedback and advice. Thinking will buy thru BT or possibly Print Crypto out of Austin, TX although they do not take CC, only accepts wire or USDC.

I ordered 1 litecoin miner to near austin, and it came quickly. Then i ordered a batch of 3 and it is taking a little longer this time.

I bought 4xL3+. They are lagit. I got all 4 miners within 2 weeks of ordering. They even called me when they saw the package had to be off loaded to a third party because I live in a rural area. 2 of my L3s look brand new and 2 do not but all 4 units came with brand new fans and were very clean. The power supplies were not very clean but I was able to easily fix that.