Taking plunge into mining.. BT-Miners (?) no scam? -- New vs. Used

Taking first plunge into mining. BT-Miners has a USED S19 Pro 110Th for $12,500 and a NEW S19 J Pro 104 TH also for $12,500?
Q1: is BT-Miners safe to order from with CC and how long to ship? Customer Service?
Q2: Go for the Use S19 Pro or the New S19J Pro ? I’m in So Cal where electricity over $.20 Kwh? (hey but good weather) Planning to connect to dryer plug inside my laundry room and make a sound box. Thanks … appreciate any feedback

I did a little research on them and a decent number of people have said good things. Enough to where I placed an order. Supposed to be here mid October.

They have a sales rep in new york who you can call. I probably called her 4 times in an hour and she answered everytime with answers and help. Heard her start up a mining rig for testing (which she apologized for the noise).

I am sure you want to buy soon, but if you are waiting I will let you know if I get my equipment or if I am out thousands. But type “BT” in the vosk search and you should see others experience with them.

Hey Thanks a lot for the feedback and advice. Thinking will buy thru BT or possibly Print Crypto out of Austin, TX although they do not take CC, only accepts wire or USDC.

I ordered 1 litecoin miner to near austin, and it came quickly. Then i ordered a batch of 3 and it is taking a little longer this time.

I bought 4xL3+. They are lagit. I got all 4 miners within 2 weeks of ordering. They even called me when they saw the package had to be off loaded to a third party because I live in a rural area. 2 of my L3s look brand new and 2 do not but all 4 units came with brand new fans and were very clean. The power supplies were not very clean but I was able to easily fix that.

Thanks for all that responded here. Print Crypto is excellent!! They answered all my questions right away before, during and after the order. They shipped via DHL Express and I got the miner actually one day prior to due date and delivered to secure approved DHL Express vendor, ( a mailbox etc type store near me ) I received excellent feedback from Print Crypto on my order of S19J. I plan to order from them again once they have the miner I want back in stock. As far at the miner received the S19J was still in factory sealed condition brand spanking new. Works like a charm. Installed in my laundry room and built a sound box. Took a while to get all the right plugs for laundry 220 plug and adapters and if you plan to do this you absolutely must get a good duct fan. I bought a Vivosun 8 in duct 740 CFM fans one for intake cool air and other for exhaust for about $100 each. Run the exhaust at about 75% and the intake at low and the miner temp is consistently below 70 and fan speeds below 5K. Anyway, big thumbs up to Print Crypto in TX.

BT-Miners was excellent for me. They took credit card which was great and shipped very fast with no extra taxes. They did however charge sales tax for my state which was kind of a large number :confused: