Target price for an s19 series asic?

I’m not too worried but thinking s19s have started to come down and if btc is going to be the only thing worth mining on a 10k machine, what prices are people thinking some of the more popular asics will get to? How bad had it been in the past since I’m new really… I suspect I’ll keep mining and im assuming I just save to buy an s19 and keep the l3s off for a while… a jasminer is interesting to me too…

Price of S19s is lower than your thought, under 10k. I can offer you good price if you’re interested. And also no worries, we’re legit. I have made some deals with some people in this forum. Telegram: Contact @apextoasics

Ann is legit and OK , I bought miners from her , everything went fine … :slight_smile:

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3 110th
2 96th


Thanks for your kind word Nemanja!