Tariffs on goldshell

Are there tariffs on goldshell miners to the US from goldshell? I read that it could not be tariffs but I would like to know for sure.

I have a few miners on the way from Goldshell so I can let you know in a couple weeks.

One thing is for certain: there should be duties on it based on the harmonized code miners fall under. The current tariff I believe is something like 2.6% + 25%.

Even so, miners from Goldshell directly seem to fall far enough below what resellers are selling them for, on the few I checked the last two restocks, that it negates the cost of duties and then some.

Thanks miner49her

I bought from dxpool shop and have not paid duties on either purchase. Both were less than 1000$ though. I believe in the US you only pay over items valued at 1500 or more